10% off Remapping & Tuning

10% off Car Remapping & Tuning in Evesham

ECU Remapping and custom tuning specialists in Evesham, Worcestershire. We specialise in stage one remaps and custom tuning to unlock your car’s true performance potential. 

Most cars can be complete within 1 day, which includes road testing and Dyno power runs before and after.

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Get 10% off Car Remapping & Tuning

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10% off Car Remapping & Tuning Services

Unlock the hidden potential of your car with Car Remapping and Tuning services at The Vehicle Doctor, Worcestershire.

We can help you unleash the true power and performance of your vehicle, as well as enhancing its engine efficiency and responsiveness. Whether you crave exhilarating speed or improved fuel economy, our team of skilled technicians utilises cutting-edge technology and £50,000 4X4 Dyno to tailor bespoke tuning and remapping solutions for your car. Book online or call our team on 01386 291059.

Custom Tuning

Custom tuning involves optimising the performance of your vehicle, tailored to your specific needs or preferences.

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10% off

Stage 1 Remap

A Stage 1 Remap involves recalibrating the engine control unit (ECU) of your vehicle to enhance performance and efficiency.

Sale Price: £225
10% off

Ghost Immobiliser Installation

We are proud to be approved Autowatch installers in Worcestershire. To learn more about the Ghost Immobiliser, call our expert team on 01386 291059.

Fully Certified Ghost Immobiliser Installers

The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobilisation system that secures your vehicle from key-cloning, theft and hacking through a bespoke pin code.

Price: £499

Other Services

We offer a range of services including DPF, EGR & AdBlue solutions; including Dyno Power Run testing. To learn more, call our expert team on 01386 291059.

DPF Solutions

Our DPF Solutions service involves solutions for your vehicle's diesel particulate filter (DPF) in a vehicle to restore optimal engine performance.

Price: £500

EGR Solutions

Our EGR Solutions service involves solutions for your exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to improve engine efficiency.

Price: £350

AdBlue Solutions

Our AdBlue Solutions service involves solutions to ensure proper operation of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Contact for pricing

Dyno Power Run

A Dyno Power Run involves measuring your vehicle's engine performance, including horsepower and torque.

Price: £120

Upcoming Dyno Day: 29th June 2024

Unlock your car’s true potential with our Dyno testing experience days! Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring your vehicle is safely mounted on our state-of-the-art 4X4 Dyno Machine. Experience the thrill as we measure your car’s performance, culminating in a complimentary report detailing its capabilities – and provide insights into how remapping, tuning, and turbocharging can elevate your vehicle’s power.

Price Per Car: £50

50,000+ Remapping Files

We have access to the largest and safest remapping, and chip tuning databases with over 50,000 files available, including 100s of makes and 1000s of models. Call 01386 291059 to quickly check if we can remap your car.

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FAQs about Car Remapping and Dyno Testing

What is car remapping?

Car Remapping was once restricted to geeky car lovers and boy racers but it’s growing popularity means remapping is increasingly mainstream but what is Car Remapping?

Car remapping is an affordable way of modifying your car to increase performance, power output or fuel efficiency. Albeit most people buy a car remap to increase “speed” and “acceleration”.

Remapping involves rewriting or overwriting the software which manages your engine AKA your Engine Control Unit (ECU).

A car’s ECU controls aspects such as fuelling, ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, turbocharging and boost amongst other aspects therefore a remap is essentially adjusting these controls. 

Why remap a car? 

Most cars are deliberately muted by manufacturers for efficiency and reliability. 

When done properly, remapping can safely improve power and torque, without affecting efficiency or reliability. 

How much does car remapping cost and is it worth it?

The cost of car remapping can vary based on the stage i.e. stage 1 or stage 2, some remapping companies also vary their pricing based on the type of car. 

We specialise in Stage 1 Remaps and offer one transparent cost of £250. 

We also have a Dyno testing machine (or rolling road) whichcan be used to measure power and torque before and after your ECU Remap. Dyno Tests can be booked individually for £120 or if you book a Stage 1 remap and dyno test package it’s £300, saving £70.

Is it safe to remap a car?

At The Vehicle Doctor our car remapping services in Evesham are carried out by fully trained, experienced and insured Car Remapping specialists using the latest and safest software which has already been tested and proven on cars just like yours around the world.

When you book a stage 1 remap and dyno run – we will do fault checks, road tests and dyno tests before beginning the remapping process to check for faults. To ensure your car is safe to be remapped and to give us comparable test data.

After remapping your car we will complete additional fault checks, road tests and dyno runs to confirm a successful remap and to measure improvements to performance, power output and / or fuel efficiency.

Is car remapping legal?

Remapping your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) is legal in the UK.

However before you get your car remapped there’s a few things you might want to consider:

  • Contact your insurer first and find out (a) does your insurance policy cover modifications / modified cars, (b) how will a remap affect your insurance premium and (c) are there any additional costs for amending your insurance policy – this can vary from one insurance provider to another so it’s always best to check with your provider first
  • If your car is on a lease, PCP or finance contract you should contact your provider first, some finance contracts allow modifications but it’s always best to speak with your finance provider. The same applies for gap insurance too.
  • If your car is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty, you should read the warranty terms and conditions, or contact the dealership you bought the car from first
  • If you have any known or intermittent faults with your car – get them fixed first

What is a Rolling Road and Dyno Power Testing?

A rolling road is a common nickname used to describe a dynamometer or dyno. A dyno is used to test the power of a car’s engine.

At The Vehicle Doctor in Evesham you’ll find over £50,000 worth of equipment and technology including a Dynomax dynamometer that can measure Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) cars with up to 1200 horse power (hp) accurately.

What makes our dynamometers different?

The Dynomax dynamometers has a heavy-duty chassis, advanced mechanical parts & electronics, and simplicity in construction. 

The Dynomax rollers have excellent inertial mass and traction for accurate engine power measurements.

See our Dynomax dynamometers in action below. 

Do you have a question we haven’t already answered? 

Call our remap and dyno test specialists in Evesham on 01386 291059 or email info@thevehicledoctor.co.uk

Pro Drift Driver, Stefan Stefanov


The Vehicle Doctor Evesham is proud to sponsor Pro Drift Driver, Stefan Stefanov. 

Call 01386 291059 or email info@thevehicledoctor.co.uk to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Watch Stefan in action.

Partner Services

Our partner services include car detailing, ceramic coating, paint protection film, vinyl wrapping, wheel refurbishments and we can even organise paint touch-ups and full resprays. 

All services are booked directly with The Vehicle Doctor, deliver your car to our Evesham studio and we’ll take care of the rest!