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Ghost Immobiliser Installation in Worcestershire

We are Worcestershire’s leading approved Ghost Immobiliser installer. Installed by our professional team at The Vehicle Doctor near Worcester.

Fully Certified Installers

We are proud to be Autowatch approved installers of the Ghost II Immobiliser in Worcestershire – security guaranteed!

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Choose The Vehicle Doctor for Ghost installation in Worcestershire. We are fully certified installers.

Protect Your Car From Key-Cloning, Hacking and Key Theft

Keyless car technology is responsible for a rise in car thefts, with 2023 the worst year on record according to insurance company LV General.

In 2022, there was an increase of 59% in car thefts compared to the previous year, which was being driven by the ease with which criminals can acquire devices online that circumvent a vehicle’s complex security systems. 

One device in particular has enabled thieves to ‘plug into’ the wiring that connects a car’s headlamps – often easily accessible behind the bumper – to trick the car into thinking it has been unlocked by the owner’s remote fob. 

Another method that criminals are using involves purchasing a key coding device, which can be purchased for as little as £125 – and can be used to complete a theft in in less than a minute. 

When a new car key has been coded, your old key will become automatically disabled; stopping you from being able to access your vehicle. 

The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking and key theft. As the Ghost has no key fobs or LED indications for a vehicle’s location, the only way criminals can override the Ghost’s protection is to physically tow it away.

Accredited installers of the Ghost Immobiliser in Worcestershire

Ghost Immobiliser Installation Service

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The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is a revolutionary immobilisation system that secures your vehicle from key-cloning, theft and hacking through a bespoke pin code.

Why Choose The Vehicle Doctor?

Choosing us comes with a range of benefits.

Bespoke PIN Code

Your vehicle will be protected with your very own PIN code entered via your steering wheel dash.

Zero Detection

Diagnostic tools and devices that are used by thieves cannot detect our trackers.

Clean Installation

We offer a safe and hassle-free installation that doesn't involve cutting any wires.

We're Experts

Our team at The Vehicle Doctor are experts in Ghost installation.

Ghost Immobiliser FAQs

We have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Ghost Immobiliser. If you would like to learn more about this service, please call our expert team on 01386 291059 or contact us.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

A Ghost Immobiliser is an advanced vehicle security device designed to prevent unauthorised access and theft. It uses innovative technology to immobilise the vehicle by blocking engine start unless a unique, user-defined PIN code sequence is entered.

How does a Ghost Immobiliser work?

The Ghost Immobiliser is integrated into the vehicle’s electronic system. It requires the driver to enter a specific PIN code using existing buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel before the engine can start. Without the correct code, the vehicle remains immobilised, effectively preventing theft.

Is the Ghost II Immobiliser accredited by Autowatch?

Yes, the Ghost II Immobiliser is accredited by Autowatch, a renowned brand in vehicle security. Autowatch ensures that the device meets high standards of reliability and effectiveness.

Can the Ghost Immobiliser be hacked or bypassed?

The Ghost is designed with advanced encryption and secure technology, making it extremely difficult to hack or bypass. It does not use traditional key fobs or remotes, which are often susceptible to cloning or signal interception.

What happens if I forget my PIN code?

If you forget your PIN code, the immobiliser can be reset using a secure, documented process provided by an authorised dealer or installer, such as The Vehicle Doctor. It’s important to contact a professional to avoid compromising the system’s security.

Can the Ghost Immobiliser be installed in any vehicle?

The Ghost is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, and motorcycles. However, it’s recommended to check with an authorised installer to confirm compatibility with your specific vehicle model.

Will the Ghost Immobiliser affect my vehicle's warranty?

The Ghost is designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle’s existing systems without causing any damage or alterations that could affect the warranty. However, it’s advisable to consult with your vehicle manufacturer or dealership before installation.

How long does it take to install the Ghost Immobiliser?

The installation time for a Ghost can vary depending on the vehicle make and model, but it typically takes a few hours. It’s crucial to have the installation performed by an accredited installer, such as The Vehicle Doctor, to ensure optimal functionality and security.

Is there any maintenance required for the Ghost Immobiliser?

The Ghost requires minimal maintenance. It is a solid-state device with no moving parts, reducing the likelihood of mechanical failure. Regular checks by an authorised dealer can ensure it continues to function correctly, but it is not necessary.

Can I change my Ghost Immobiliser's PIN code?

Yes, you can change your PIN code at any time. This feature enhances security by allowing you to update your code periodically or whenever you feel it may have been compromised.

What should I do if my Ghost Immobiliser malfunctions?

If you experience any issues with your immobiliser, contact us immediately. We can diagnose and resolve the problem, ensuring your vehicle remains secure.

Does the Ghost Immobiliser interfere with other electronic devices in my vehicle?

The Ghost is designed to work harmoniously with your vehicle’s electronic systems without causing interference. It operates independently and does not affect other electronic devices or systems in the vehicle.

Is the Ghost Immobiliser visible in my vehicle?

No, the Ghost is a covert device, installed discreetly within your vehicle. It does not have any visible parts or indicators, making it difficult for potential thieves to detect and disable.

Can I transfer the Ghost Immobiliser to another vehicle?

Yes, the immobiliser can be removed and reinstalled in another vehicle by an authorised professional like ourselves. This allows you to maintain the same level of security if you change vehicles.

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