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Dyno Run Days

Get to know your car’s real power at a Dyno Run experience day at The Vehicle Doctor, in Evesham, Worcestershire. Book your place for just £50.

Next event: Saturday 25th May 2024

Upcoming Dyno Run Days

Get to know your car’s real power with our dyno run experience days. Our professional and friendly team will talk you through the process, get your car securely strapped in and then test it’s power on the 4X4 Dyno Machine. You’ll get a free printout showing the performance of your car, and we’ll talk you through potential power increases through remapping. tuning and turbocharging. 

Book online or call our team on 01386 291059.

Next 2024 Date TBC

From 08:00 until 18:00
£50 per car
30 minutes per car
Limited spaces available
Includes multiple runs on our 4X4 Dyno
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Dyno Days are over half price!

Our Dyno Testing price is £120 – however on Dyno Days you can get your car on our state of the art 4X4 Dyno for just £50, including a free printout giving you the results of your car and our expert team will provide insights into remapping, tuning and turbocharging options. Stage 1 Remaps can also be performed on the day too (at an addition cost).

Discover What Your Car Can Really Achieve

All cars are welcome on our Dyno Run Days, Stage 1 Remaps can also be done on the day! Availability is limited and manages on first come, first serve basis, so register your interest today to be first on the guest list. 

This Mini Cooper S achieved 300hp from our Dyno Day

BMW 6 Series in action on the Dyno Machine

How do we test your vehicle?

On our Dyno Run Days, we will strap your car securely onto our Dyno 4×4 Rolling Road machine to measure the torque and rotational speed of your vehicle, giving a reading of how much power is in the engine.

Register your interest for an upcoming Dyno Run Day 2024

Each Dyno Run Day has a limited number of tickets available. Tickets are strictly first come first served. Register your interest here, to be first on the guest list for a future Dyno Run Day.